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Oklahoma has several varieties of ticks, all of which should be avoided as much as possible.  Ticks are most commonly an issue during the summer months, both because they are naturally more active during this time and because people and pets tend to spend more time out of doors.

Ticks natural habitat are in areas of heavy vegetation.  From forested areas to your back yard ticks make themselves at home.  Because ticks feed on the blood of a host (both animal and human) the risk of blood borne diseases is of great concern.  A couple diseases that are of concern to humans are Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, but they can also transmit disease to domesticated animals as well.  Symptoms from tick bites are widely varied and generally will be noticed about a week after contact with the tick.  If you develop symptoms such as swelling or rash around the site, fever, or malaise, please seek the attention of a physician as testing and treatment may be necessary. 

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Flatline Pest Control has many treatment options to prevent Tick infestations. Our Preventive Pest Control Service Plans have you covered during Tick season. Ask us how you can stay covered today! 

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