Termite Trouble in Oklahoma

Termites swarming in the spring are as predictable as the Red Buds blooming in Oklahoma. Recently I spoke to a customer who mentioned he had seen termites around his house the previous year and thought they had disappeared when the weather became cooler. Much to his dismay they were back in the spring, swarming to their hearts content. I had to be the one to let him know, his termites had never left. In Oklahoma, we primarily see subterranean termites. They build amazing structures under ground, then emerge through wood structures, or tunnel through mud tubules to find wood to feed on. So even though his termites were no longer visible, they were still quite present. Usually you will see termites swarming after a period of rain, they will start to emerge to expand their colonies. But a colony will usually be present for around 3 years before they reach this point. All the while eating whatever wood they can manage including the trees in your yard, your wood pile, books and newspapers, and yes your home and surrounding buildings as well. Once termite damage is found, the homeowner is on average looking at $3,000.00 of damage to their home. Not to mention the lost time and effort it takes to make the needed repairs. It is so much more cost effective to simply treat your home preventatively. Termite preventative treatments will generally last you around 5 years, and have some residual effect for as long as ten.

There are a few things you can try to make your home look less appetizing to termites. Just because these insects are prevalent in Oklahoma doesn't mean we have to roll out the welcome mat and invite them in for sweet tea. Here is what we recommend:

1. Termites prefer moist damp places, so divert your sprinklers away from the foundation of your home and be sure proper drainage is put in place. Check your rain gutters and downspouts to assure they are free of debris and draining away from the foundation.

2. Damp crawl spaces are prime for termite activity, reducing moisture buildup in these areas is crucial.

3. Be sure to store your wood piles away from your home and other structures you wish to protect. Pay special attention to rotting wood and lumber, a tasty termite treat.

4. Repair any leaky faucets or pipes, because once again, termites love moisture.

If you live in Oklahoma and are not sure if you have termite issues, give us a call, we would be happy to put you in touch with a termite expert to answer your questions and inspect your home if needed!

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