Blooming Bloody Spiders

In the early 1900's a book called Camp and Camino in Lower California was published by Arthur Walbridge North. Considered a historic work, it is a story of a young man exploring Baja California in the early 1900's. In this book was a song written for adults called Blooming, Bloody Spider. Well the words have been changed a bit but we teach it to our children to this day in the form of Itsy Bitsy Spider. All about the little spider that got washed out in the rain. Well there is truth to this song. And if you live In Oklahoma you are probably experiencing what happens when it rains and all the spiders that come with it. The rain, especially the abundance of rain that we have had lately, washes out the habitat of the spider, as well as it's prey. So what is a spider to do but head indoors to get out of the rain. Right into your home. Just in case you haven't experienced this overwhelming presence of spiders in your home before and are wondering what you can do about it, don't worry, we are here to help. We have treatments effective on a short term basis as well as programs designed to protect you and your loved ones from spiders, and a multitude of other household insects on an ongoing basis throughout the year. We have monthly, bimonthly and quarterly packages to serve a variety of needs and budgets as well as one time service calls if you just want to try us out. If you are getting sick of the spiders and are ready to take your home back, we would love to hear from you and are available to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call and let's chat!

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