Say Goodbye to Bed Bugs

Bedbugs are nothing new. Humans have lived with bedbugs for thousands of years. The ancient Romans once thought Bed Bugs to be a cure for multiple ailments. An easily accessible health trend one might say. Eye infection? Mash up some bed bugs and you have yourself a poultice. Fever? throw some bedbugs In your stew. Hysterical? It's bedbugs you need.

The nostalgic metal bed frame owe's it's fame to bedbugs. When chemical treatments for these insects were not yet to be found, the popular cure was to set the bed on fire and have done with the bed bugs. Metal beds were economical, as you would still have the frame when the burning was done.

DDT entered the scene less than a century ago and led to a decline of bedbugs in general but was also extremely harmful to applicators and the environment. In the 70's DDT was banned for that use due to toxicity. While other chemicals and some heat treatments have been used with some success, Bed Bugs have been a challenge for the Pest Control community. Bed bugs are super hardy, and not easy to kill

That's why we are so excited for a new product we have been using. An environmentally friendly product that is already in the earth around us, it's not harmful to humans but deadly to bed bugs. We have been using this product for about a year now with tremendous success. Never have we been able to guarantee successful bedbugs treatments the way we have with this product. We love having a safe and effective product to share with our customers. if you want more information or suspect you may have a bed bug problem, give us a call. We would love to hear from you.

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