Summer Fun and Some Added Protection

I spend an entire year waiting for summer. Sure Fall and Spring are great, but summer with the longer hours of sunlight, summer gatherings, and outdoor activities are where it's at! There is just one thing that puts a damper on summer fun if we let it. The bugs. Now, we at Flatline Pest Control understand that some bugs are needed. We love bees, they are essential workers! Lightning bugs too! There is nothing better than sitting out at night and looking for the little guys twinkling like nature's fireworks. But fending off endless swarms of mosquitos and gnats, and hunting for ticks after a hike are no one's idea of a fun time. Not to mention the disease risk involved with getting bit! Ticks are known to harbor and transmit Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme disease. These diseases are not a simple cold but can have life long effects, and in the case of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, sometimes lead to a loss of hearing or a limb. Mosquitos in Oklahoma can be transmitters of West Nile virus. Also, not a fun illness to have, and can have serious consequences in extreme cases including paralysis. So what's the point? Summer is fun and bugs are bad? We all know that!

Of course Flatline Pest Control can help you hold down the fort around the home, protecting family, pets, and guests from pests. We offer multiple packages for our customers to cover both homes and business from being affected by dangerous pests year round. Our monthly packages even come with two free yard sprays a year! A great option if you love to entertain or have family in from time to time, allowing you and those you love to enjoy your back yard to the max.

But what do you do if you aren't at home? This is a great time of year to spend camping, or hiking in some of Oklahoma's great parks. (Sulpher Springs anyone?) Here is a great tip to try out next time you have a camp fire. It's non toxic to people, probably uses stuff you brought with you anyhow, it's inexpensive, and honestly is super easy. Take Sage, or Rosemary (be generous)

and wrap it in some foil (you might have some on hand if you were planning on making camp fire potatoes!) Wet it a little, then poke some holes in the foil. Add this to your fire and watch it smoke all night long. Nature's bug repellant. Of course we still suggest using a good bug repellant. This is just the icing on the cake to up the comfort level, and add a nice clean scent to your camp fire gathering. If you give this a try let us know and tell us how it worked!

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