When Life Happens

This week I've seen notices all over town, shops are closing down for the upcoming Holiday and family festivities commence. I think it's great that so many business make room for families to take time off of work so they can spend time with their loved ones this time of year. I wish more business' would do so. Sometimes life happens however, in the middle of our celebrations, and catching up, and merry making, the unexpected happens. Flatline Pest Control understand this. We want you to know we value your family as well, and the time you set aside to spend to them. We work all year long to create a safe and clean environment for your family to gather in. While we too, take time off to spend with family this time of year, we want you to know we are only a phone call away. Things happen, and we will be there for you rain or shine, day or night, holiday or any day to assure you and your families safety. Blessings to all over this Holiday Season, and have a Happy New Year as well!

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