Protecting Seasonal Clothes from Pests

The smell of school supplies and pumpkin spice lattes are in the air. It's a time of year where wardrobes change, and summer clothes are put up in exchange for more school and weather appropriate clothing. In Oklahoma it's important to be storage savvy when putting away clothes for the season. Just throwing everything in a cardboard box is not always the best idea when it comes to pests.

Of course protecting our clothing from insects that could damage and eat through garments is important. In Oklahoma we also know that Brown recluse and Black widows love to hide out in dark places that are not often frequented. An easily accessible storage box that is rarely used is a great place for spiders to hang out. Mice and other rodents also like secluded places. With ready made nesting material it can be a tempting target come winter.

Washing or cleaning garments and fabric is an important first step before clothing storage. Once clothing is clean, plastic storage bins are sturdier and far easier to seal than cardboard boxes. Storage bins also have the advantage of being slightly sturdier than plastic bags. While plastic bins are not impossible to chew through for rodents, they do offer a layer of protection that bags and cardboard do not.

On top of cleaning and sealing your clothing, adding a sachet of lavender, rosemary, or cedar chips to your storage bin before sealing can help make your garments less attractive to bugs. Moth balls are also effective, but don't smell nearly as great when you access your garments again next season. Moth balls can be detrimental to children and pets so be careful who has access to them if you use them.

Keeping on top of regular pest control will also help keep insects and rodents at bay, keeping your clothing even safer still. Flatline Pest Control has monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly programs available to fit your household needs. Ask us today how we can help!

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