So You Found A Tick

Yes ticks can be tiny, and while some people are more concerned that their breakfast was ruined by the CDC, awareness of ticks small and large is key for disease prevention. Weather conditions this year seem perfect for tick exposure. Whether they are picked up in your back yard, a hike in the woods, or brought home from the soccer field, if you find a tick on you it's important to know how to take it off. Proper tick removal will help reduce your risk of acquiring an illness such as Lyme disease.

Old remedies once thought to be helpful like vaseline or matches might remove the tick, but you run the risk of causing the tick to vomit it's stomach contents into the wound. Not an ideal situation for disease prevention. If you find your self with a tick, find a pair of simple tweezers being careful not to squeeze the body of the tick but going directly to where it is attached to the skin. In one quick motion lift the tick out of the wound and discard by flushing down the toilet or seal in a baggie and throw away.

Don't forget to use bug spray when the kids are outside. For our furry family members flea and tick collars are a good first step of defense. Flatline Pest Control can help you keep ticks at bay in your own yard with a simple yard treatment. Call us today for more information!

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