What Happens When It Floods

Guthrie, Oklahoma

Oklahomans are used to crazy weather patterns. So much so that Popular Mechanics listed Oklahoma as one of the 8 most dangerous places to live in the world due to the frequent occurrence of tornadoes. The only place in the United States listed. This past week we watched storms roll in and out, but not without leaving their mark. Our hearts ached as we watched families from our community lose homes to the flooded river, as well as barges breaking loose and threatening to demolish dams that protect neighborhoods. Neighbors quickly loaded the contents of their home into U-hauls to protect their belongings as floodwaters rose. Others who could not do so fast enough have lost possessions.

While Pest Control may not be the first thing most think of when getting back into their homes, there are some unique situations to be looked at as the flood waters clear. Here are a few tips to consider for your own personal safety and the safety of your family.

1. Rats and mice have also been displaced from their homes. It's only natural they try and find shelter and a food source. Keeping your food sealed in storage containers will help prevent attracting these critters from making your home their own. Plastic storage bins are great for this.

2. Clean out debris as soon as possible as it attracts insects, lizards, rats, and mice that snakes feed on. As you clean out the debris from your home be sure to dress in long slacks and gloves to protect yourself against snakes that have been displaced. Keep your eyes open as to where you place your feet and hands. Flatline Pest control can help in baiting and capturing these pests to help you get your home back under control.

4. Stagnant waters breed mosquitoes. Mosquitoes breed disease. Buckets, gardening pots, tires, or other vessels that hold water should be dumped or drained. If you have pets be sure to drain their drinking water regularly, and take precautions with a good quality bug repellent. Flatline Pest Control also has effective repellents that can be helpful in treating yards or areas where the water has receded.

Despite the devastation, Oklahoma is made from people who have learned to live with the reality of storms and their aftermath. As we clean up the mess, Flatline Pest Control will be here to help our neighborhoods feel like home once again.

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