Cow Killers

Yesterday I made the mistake of locking myself out of my house. We had switched the door knobs on the house and it hadn't occurred to me that I would need a new key before I locked the door. So after several minutes of trying to pick the lock with a bobby pin I realized that I was going to have to find an alternative entryway. Apparently my pick locking skills have gotten a little rusty. So I walked around the house looking for a window that may have been left unlocked. While I was in the middle of looking for a way in I saw something along the cement patio in the back of the house that made me pause. It was beautiful. The Velvet Ant. Actually a wasp that looks like an ant it packs a powerful sting earning it's nickname: "Cow Killer". While it won't actually kill you, it is extremely painful. These Velvet Ants are commonly seen throughout Oklahoma during these hot summer months so keep your eyes open and avoid these painful insects. In case you were wondering just how painful, I have included a video for your viewing pleasure, to help you understand why it's important to avoid these beautiful insects. Your Welcome. As always Flatline Pest Control is here to help you with all of your Pest Control Needs!

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