Mosquito Protection With Style

It might be telling my age a bit to say that I remember over a decade ago when Avon Skin So Soft started marketing itself as not just a skin care product but as an effective and safe mosquito repellent. I also vaguely remember my disappointment at the back yard barbecue I tried the product out at. It was a hot humid summer and the mosquitoes did not care if I was wearing Skin So Soft or not. They devoured me whole and enjoyed every bit of me. Sorry Avon.

So this morning as I read this article by Forbes magazine, imagine my surprise to learn that yet another beauty product is on the market that does not suck as a bug repellent. Victoria's Secret Bombshell perfume. Yes I am not kidding, read the article they are quite serious. While it is not the top ranked item (OFF Clip on and Cutter Lemon Eucalyptus ranked top), it is probably the least industrial smelling item on the list. And more than just a little effective - it was good for up to 120 minutes after application!

This is really interesting because for years my daughter has worn this product and joked that the mosquitoes just don't like her. So I give in. At my next back yard barbecue event I will have to try out the Bombshell perfume. Hopefully this time I won't be eaten alive!

On a side note if you are having a problem with mosquitoes and ticks in your yard or around your home, we have yard protection packages that make a tremendous impact on the comfort of your family and guests! Ask us for more information!

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