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Jurassic Possibilities

June 18, 2018

For years it seems, films have stretched our imaginations, taken us to the verge of what is possible and teased us with the difference between what is believable and what is actually likely.  Take Jurassic Park for example. According to a recent article in the Daily Star entitled "Dinosaurs CAN Be Brought Back To Life After Blood Residue Found in Ancient Insect" the reality of Dinosaurs being brought back genetically is indeed a possibility.


Mosquitoes, those vampiric little disease infested insects that cut barbecues short and put a damper on camping and a whole host of outdoor activities are actually the key to recreating the dinosaur park of your dreams, or nightmares.  Mosquitoes have been an issue long before man invented citronella tiki torches, or OFF bug spray.  Once upon a time, Mosquitoes had mammoth buffets of dinosaur flesh to host from and these are the bugs that some scientists believe may contribute enough genetic dinosaur material to recreate an actual dinosaur from if they have been properly preserved.  Mosquitoes preserved in Amber don't work, they tried that, but there are other bugs out there preserved in other ways (like lake sediments) that have offered up definite possibilities. So far they have not been able to find a fit specimen but as we know from film, anything can happen.  


In the meantime let us focus on the vast number of mosquitoes you are hosting in your back yard.  We have effective treatments for those mosquitoes.  Call us today!




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