Pre-treating Your New Home

There are certain expectations when you are building a new home. Whether purchasing a newly constructed home or designing and building your dream home, your new house should not come with the same concerns and problems that purchasing an older home would involve. A growing trend our Pest Professionals have been seeing out in the field however, are newly constructed homes with termite problems.

Termite troubles in newly constructed homes is very disconcerting, as a termite pre-treatment is a legal requirement in the state of Oklahoma. A termite pre-treatment, when done properly, should last between two and five years. So why are Oklahomans finding termites in their brand new homes?

For starters the building contractor is the one who hires a pest control company to provide the pre treatment. They are fulfilling the requirements of the law but money talks and the lowest bid is not always the guy who is going to do the best job. Now I am not saying your contractor doesn't care, just that he is doing his job and there is less of an incentive for him to research pest control companies than there is to just take the best bid. Now the contractor may have just hired a pest control genius who takes great pride in his work, but there is a chance as well that he hired someone that hands out pre-treatments like candy and just wants to make a quick buck. Trust me it happens, we see it.

The best way to ensure the integrity of your newly built home is to hire your own pest control to protect your home from termites. Yes legally it should have been done, but we have seen many in our local region who still experienced termite damage after pretreat has been done. Hiring a quality pest control company with termite experience and insurance is your best bet for quality termite prevention.

At Flatline Pest Control we don't cut corners, we would rather spend time doing it right. We treat your home like we treat ours, even guaranteeing our work within approved timeframes. Flatline Pest Control may not be a national brand but we carry the same amount of insurance that big name pest control carries, and with our personal service we actually go above and beyond what the national brands will cover.

If you are building or purchasing a new home in the near future, or just haven't had your home inspected for termites in the past year then give us a call. We know you will be more than satisfied with us. We are as passionate about protecting your investment as you are.

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