Family Friendly Backyards

Summer has been my favorite for ever it seems. From barbecues with families and friends, to watching fireflies flicker in the garden at night, to miniature camping trip adventures right in our very own backyard, summer memories always included time spent outside at home. But with threats of mosquito and tick borne illness, and snakes thriving in the summer heat, how can we feel comfortable and safe outside this time of year? Flatline Pest Control can provide you with the coverage you need by regularly treating your yard for common pests. There are some things you can do at home, however, to make these regular treatments even more effective.

1. Remove areas of standing water. Ensuring adequate drainage in problem areas will go a long way in lowering the mosquito population around your home. Koi ponds are beautiful and so much fun for kids to watch. Consider installing pumps to keep the water circulating in ponds and fountains so that you don't have still water attracting mosquitos.

2. Keep yard trimmed and manicured. Grass allowed to grow out of control is perfect for snakes, ants, ticks, and fleas. Overgrown trees and brush that is hanging or touching your home can provide entry for insects such as spiders and cockroaches.

3. A tidy yard will lessen the likelihood of creating a habitat for insects. Keep your yard free from children's toys and other debris like tires that can collect rainwater. Plants with trays underneath that collect standing water can also be breeding grounds for insects. If you have fruit trees, rotting fruit left on the ground provides an unintentional food supply for pests, so try to pick up and dispose of regularly. Finally when caring for your yard be sure to pick up grass clippings and leaf piles as they hold moisture.

4. If you use firewood be sure not to stack firewood piles against your home and not directly on the ground. There should be at least 3 feet of distance between your wood pile and your home. This can be seen as an open invitation for termites to help themselves to your home. Try to stack wood under a covering to keep wood dry.

Our experienced technicians can be a great resource of information. If you have any questions about pest control or want to know how to have the best experience in your own personal back yard this summer feel free to give us a call. Our Pest Professionals can point out any hot spots or trouble areas to ensure a pest free summer! Also be sure to ask about our organic options!

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