Don't Forget our Furry Friends

This is Moon the Daschund. He is an indoor dog primarily but loves running in circles outside, chasing his tail and getting in all kinds of mischief really. Moon takes every minute he can to get outside. I open the door for a minute and he is out running around in the grass, happy as can be.

While I am so happy that Moon gets lots of chances to play outside, it is also prime time for ticks and fleas to try and get a free meal. Lyme disesase and other illness can be transmitted to your pets as well as humans so Flatline Pest Control would like to remind you to check your furry friends of all kinds for these pests.

This is a great time of year to protect your yard from fleas and ticks so that your whole family (even the furry members) will be safe in the outdoors. Give us a call today!

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