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Recently Flatline Pest Control family members underwent a move. It's an exciting move for us, a great piece of property and a nice home that needs some remodeling but has tons of potential. My favorite part is a fenced in area on the property that will be a great place for an amazing garden. Yesterday I was walking the area and noticed a tree to the back of the property with nuts on the ground. To my excitement it was a pecan tree! Already in my mind I can imagine pecans for days, and home made pecan pie. Of course I really don't want to spray any harsh chemicals here. It will be a place for children to play, and pets to run around as well as a garden area. So how will i keep my pecans for myself and not outdoor insects? The answer is our organic line of essential oil based insecticides of course!

Yes, although we still maintain a stock of traditional chemical pesticides for our customers that prefer this, we do offer and use whenever possible our organic essential oil line. Whether your concern is the environment, or ingesting chemicals around your garden, or simply want a chemical-free place for your children and loved ones to play, we have a solution for that.

If you are interested in learning more about our organic pesticide line please don't hesitate to ask. Our experienced technicians can hep you decide if it is a good fit for you!

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