Termites - Protecting Your Investment

There are many milestones that mark our adult lives, that represent our ability to "adult" well. One such milestone is investing in a home. A home purchase says commitment and stability. It is where we come to at the end of the day to get away from the hassles of every day life and spend time relaxing with our favorite people. It is where traditions are made and families are raised. Really, our homes are living proof of a life well lived. A home well kept will survive generations, telling story after story of the people who have lived there.

But what if something lurked within the walls of many homes in Oklahoma, that threatened to erase such memories. Something that is fairly easy to treat and even prevent, yet many people never even think to look for. According to the National Pest Management Association termites are responsible for five billion dollars in damage every year across the nation, and while most home owner insurance does not cover termite damage, it is a serious threat to ones home integrity.

Termite Damage

Once termite damage is discovered the average cost to a home owner is about $3,000.00 but this can vary drastically depending on what structures in your home have been eaten into and where the damage is located. It also does not cover cosmetic repairs. In some areas of your home termites repairs can cost as much as $100.00 per square foot. While the average termite can eat through a 2 x 4 board in 6 months, other species can devour a home at a much faster pace and since they tend to forage up to 150 feet from their colony that could equal a lot of damage. As termites are not a very large predator they often are not discovered right away, so the question is, how much structural damage has already been done to your home when you were not even aware that it was occurring. If you choose to sell your home, signs of termite damage will greatly affect your selling price and your ability to find a good buyer for your home, and termite inspections are required in the State of Oklahoma.

There are some simple things you can do to discourage termite infestation. Termites like humidity and moisture so take care of leaks immediately. Also if you have lumber or burn wood, find a place to stack it away from your home structure, this is a great area of entry for termite colonies. Not sure if you have a termite infestation or damage? Give us a call. Flatline Pest Control is a family owned and operated company with decades of experience identifying and eliminating these pests from homes across Oklahoma. If we identify termites in your home we can quickly outline a treatment program to terminate the problem, and can keep them far from your home in the future. Ask us how we can help you protect your home, your investment, and your future from being invaded by Termites!

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