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Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

February 9, 2018

The dreaded bed bug.  Lately it seems you can't turn around without hearing about bed bugs.  From thrift stores, to  


movie theaters, to airlines and hotels bed bugs are making a meal out of the general public once again.  Issues with bed bugs go back thousand of years, but at one time they were nearly wiped out in this country.  So what happened?  Harsh pesticides that were once used to treat bed bugs such as DDT and Chlordane were banned from use, as they were contributing to the extinction of the Bald Eagle and causing chaos in general.  Once these chemicals were banned,  greener treatments were used, which the bed bugs quickly built up a resistance to, allowing these bugs to grow in number once again.  Of course there are older methods of pest control that have been in use for many years.  Such as heat.  If you ever step foot into an antique shop you will notice that many bed frames from 100 years ago are made entirely of metal.   Ever wonder why?  Once upon a time a suitable treatment for bed bugs was to douse the frame in Kerosene and light it on fire, destroying the bed