The Mice Are Coming...

Well its that time of the year. I can smell them. My husband is amazed at how I can smell mice. My thought is how can one not smell the rodents? Due to our family pets and having young grandchildren we do not put mice bait out unless there is a problem. Every year this time we seem to have mice move in at this time.

We are not the only ones, due to the call volume of business for rodent control we get every year, we here at Flatline Pest Control can tell you from first hand experience that a rodent is not something you want to delay on handling. A female mouse come in heat for breeding ever 3-5 days. Mice carry their young around 21 days. Due to the ability of breed again right after birth you can quickly understand why these rodents are a problem and why they should be dealt with quickly.

If you have a rodent move in you either have areas in your home that need to be sealed or you have carried the rodent into your home. I remember one year our rodent technician while sealing a rodent hole; as he was cleaning the nest out he found a $20,00 bill! The stories of what we find in our industry can be quite amusing sometimes.

We here at Flatline Pest Control cannot stress enough on how important it is to quickly act when you see the first signs of a rodent infestation. Rodents have a tendency to roam your home where they leave urine and droppings behind as they go. Rodents chew through important and expensive belongings leaving destruction everywhere. Feeling compelled to mention the health care concerns; We have had customers that let the situation get out of control they have a woken from sleep two find mice and or their droppings in their children's beds. Rodents are carriers of disease as history has recorded. Call us here at Flatline Pest Control for an estimate.

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Flatline Pest Control treats for termites, roaches, spiders, bed bugs, ants, snakes, rodents any pests needs. We service All of Oklahoma City (OKC) Metro Areas: Guthrie, Edmond, Jones, Luther, Arcadia, Mid West City, Del City and Moore- Norman areas. 405-466-8145

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