At Flatline Pest Control serving our customers is our first priority. Whether it's an emergency service call or saving our customers money. Providing a service that people can depend on is what we do. This is what separates us from other competitors.  ​

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 The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture warns that the probability of termites attacking wooden structures within ten to twenty years of being built is greater than 70%. Flatline Pest Control Has Serviced thousands of homes for Termites. We offer Termite Inspections & Termite Treatments. Saving our customers assets is what we do, Prevention is the key, Call us today to get your home inspected for Termites! 

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We offer a wide variety of pest control services from Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Bi Annual and Annual Treatments. We also offer one-time treatments. Most Pest Control services contain a full treatment of the interior & exterior of the home. We treat inside the cracks and voids, pipe holes and baseboards to flush out any nesting areas. 

 We will inspect the property for problematic areas that may cause further pest infestations. Your Family and home is your most important asset. It is our job to keep your home safe from any unwanted guests. Contact our pest professionals to see what we can do to protect your home today! 

Storm Shelters Treatments & Cleaning

storm shelter treatment and cleanings

Tornados can be one of the biggest pests in Oklahoma, although we can't treat them, we can help you be prepared. We offer storm shelter treatments and cleaning. No one wants to climb into a hole with all kinds of spiders. Let us treat and clean the shelter, to give you a safe ride through the storm. Our plans are affordable and effective. Contact us to get this service scheduled. 

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