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Though there are many different kinds of roaches in Oklahoma, the German Cockroach is the most common type of roach in Oklahoma. Food, water, and a warm place to live is what these pests need to thrive in your home. They love dark spaces that provide all of the above. Behind kitchen appliances, near leaky pipes under sinks, and in bathrooms are common places to find the Cockroach. They are not picky about their food sources as sewage, toothpaste, soap, glue, and crumbs left after a meal are all acceptable meal choices. 




Cockroaches are an immediate health threat as they can harbor over 30 different kinds of bacteria including salmonella, staph, strep, parasitical worms, and viruses such as polio.They also are known to trigger allergic reactions such as asthma.



To make your home less ideal for cockroach intruders cleanliness is key. Fixing leaky water sources, putting up food when finished, keeping floors swept, and sinks cleaned cuts off their obvious supply sources. A visit from our Pest Professional finishes the job and sends them packing. Having Preventive Pest Control Service Plan helps to assure you they stay gone for good! 


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