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House Flies

The house fly is one of the most annoying pests of the summer months.  There is nothing more annoying than a fly that keeps trying to use you as it's personal resting spot regardless of the number of times you swat it away.  The house fly is more than annoying however, as it can be instrumental in the spreading of filth and disease.  House flies are know to contribute to around 65 diseases including E  Coli, Typhoid fever and Salmonella.


House flies feed on many things from the food we eat, to garbage, to rotting carcasses.  As they land on various objects they spread this filth from item to item. They can gain entry into our homes when doors open, or through cracks and crevices in screens and windows.

Our friendly staff at Flaline Pest Control is equip to handle even the worst House Fly infestations. Our Treatment options make it easy for you to enjoy your home with the peace of mind you deserve!  


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Ask us about our organic pesticide options for House Flies infestation!

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