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There are many varieties of Beetles.  A few examples of household beetles you can deal with are June Beetles, Carpet Beetles and Asian Lady Beetles.

Carpet Beetles

Carpet Beetles love to dine on natural fibers, thus their name.  Wool, Silk, leathers, and furs and all fair game.  They also can be sustained by seeds and pet food left in the home.  Outdoors they tend to live on pollen and nectar and can be carried indoors by bringing in outdoor plants.  Carpet Beetles have been known to gain entry through cracks and crevices in windows and doors as well as chimneys.  Although they do not tend to harm humans they can cause considerable damage to upholstery and carpeting as well as personal clothing and bedding.  Because these pests are nocturnal, they won't usually be spotted unless an infestation has already occurred.

June Bugs

June Beetles, or June Bugs are known to come out to play in the hot summer months and are highly attracted to lights. These are the bugs you will notice heading toward your porch light at night in the summer, or windows with lights in them.   Nocturnal creatures, they tend to feed in the dark on vegetation such as your garden, lawn, or fruit.  Like the carpet beetle these generally aren't harmful to humans but can wreak havoc on your garden or fields.

Lady Bugs

Asian Lady Beetles are multicolored, spotted, winged beetles that have been a problem in Oklahoma of late.  While they primarily eat aphids, mealy bugs, and scale insects, they can be a household pest.  These pests are attracted to light colored homes and can be seen gathering on the siding of your houses.  They do tend to bite, and can stain your upholstery and carpeting.  It is also important to keep them away from your pets as they have been known to attach themselves to the roofs of dog's mouths causing excessive drooling and painful sores. 

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If you are are having trouble with Beetles, give us a call. Our service plans have been proven to be prefect solutions when dealing with beetles or other pests.

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