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In any pest infestation, identifying the pest is our first step in removing the infestation. Once we find evidence of a bed bug infestation, we will meet with you to discuss what can be done to control and remove the infestation. Upon the agreement your technician will began treatment. For a thorough treatment your technician will need to treat but not limited to: bed, box springs, bed frame, dresser drawers, night stands, behind all items hanging on walls, cracks, crevices, baseboards, crown molding, carpet edges, and windows. Further treatment efforts may be required for more serious infestations. We have a wide variety of ''Green'' pesticides as well a traditional chemicals. Ask your technician about different treatment options we offer!

About Bed Bugs

Our Process

Bed Bugs are constantly on the news these days. We hear of them in hotels, movie, theaters, planes, and buses.They have been found in hospitals to dorm rooms, from schools to churches.There is really no end to the places where bed bugs have been found.


The greatest danger bed bugs pose are sleepless nights and the risk of secondary infection from the raised welts the bed bugs leave behind. There are some studies that have shown however that the bed bug can carry Trypanosoma Cruzi, a parasite that causes Chagas Disease, a disease that while more prevalent in Central and South America is now starting to show up in the United States.


Bed Bugs favorite food is human blood.  As a matter of fact they are drawn to even the scent of humans. This is why maintaining clean laundry and bedding is so important in preventing bed bugs. Bed Bugs also have been known to feed on pets as well. So inspecting the pets bedding is advised. 

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