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Ants, like many pests, are attracted to unsanitary conditions in our homes.  Sweet sticky messes, or greasy food left out can quickly attract ants to it's food source.  Once ant's have gained entry into our homes, they leave a pheromone scent trail so others can find their way to the food source.  Some varieties of ants can spread disease by traveling through unsanitary conditions and crawling over our food source or food prep surfaces.  Ants are usually seen primarily in warmer months.  If you are still seeing them in the colder winter months than this is generally a sign of infestation. 

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are a specific variety of ant we see frequently in Oklahoma, in fact Carpenter Ants are the largest variety of ant in the United states. That prefer to reside in damp and decaying wood.  While they do not eat the wood itself they do create nests, carving out wood and placing debris outside their homes in piles, causing damage to your home in the process. 

Fire Ants 

Fire Ants are also seen commonly in Oklahoma, preferring our warm, sunny and dry conditions in the summer over more shadier habitats.  A fire ant mound can actually accommodate hundreds of thousands of ants including a queen and can sometimes cover more than one property.  Larger Fire Ant colonies can be very aggressive to both humans and animals, and will sting intruders.  Stings are painful at the very least, and can be fatal to some. 

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